JDG Civil’s Director and owner has over 25 years industry experience and is surrounded and supported by a highly skilled team, with some staff members having 30 – 40 years of civil and building experience. We have the resources and equipment to undertake and complete major turnkey projects within the distribution and transmission underground electrical networks around Australia. 

JDG Civil holds the knowledge, capability and resources to efficiently execute a variety of civil construction projects such as:

  • Electrical Construction
  • Level 1 Accredited Service Provider for all NSW DNSP’s
  • Construction of all new or existing underground Distribution and Transmission infrastructure assets
  • 240V-330kV cable installations complete with jointing and terminations
  • Private network construction
  • Water and Sewer main construction
  • Concrete construction for cable vaults, pits and laboratories

Our staff are highly experienced and trained in Major Cable installations and offer technical support and different methods of installation to suit each project.

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Our Key Services Include
Level 1 Accredited Service Provider
Complete Project and Site Management
Excavation and construction of cable duct lines
Directional Drilling / Underboring
Non Destructive Digging
Construction of cable vaults and joint bays
Bulk earthworks
Concrete Construction such as piers, cable chases, slabs and final restoration of surfaces
Power Cable installation ranging from 240V to 330,000V (Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage)
Spoil removal and disposal
Optical Fibre cable installation
Termination and jointing of power and optical fibres
Kiosk and transformer installation
Structural foundations
Saw Cutting
Cable sealing and testing
Cable route investigations
TR testing of soils and designed thermal bedding materials
Compaction and validation reports on cable route excavations
Traffic management services
Detailed Traffic Management designs
EPA approval for removal of hazardous waste

Work Safety Standards and Practices

Our company is focused on delivering the highest standards of work whilst ensuring the welfare of all personnel on site.  Our staff is trained to work safely and efficiently as part of our training matrix scheme and comprehensive WHS program which involves training in all aspects of work and safety procedures.  

Documentation is available to all staff as part of our HSEQ cloud-based training system, induction software as well as in printed form within site specific job packs.

Project Enquiries

If you have a specific project you would like to have quoted please email.

Traffic Control Plans

If your project requires Traffic Control Plans, contact our Traffic Control Team who can design and submit your plans and apply for Road Opening licences as required. Please contact us via email on

109 Beaconsfield St
Silverwater NSW 2128

PO Box 755
Concord NSW 2137