M5 Westconnex

Oct 2017 - Sep 2018


Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW

Contract value

$6.9 million

Project details

To Supply and Install 33kV Permanent Power for WestConnex New M5.

JDG Civil were engaged to install Ausgrid approved HV cabling as part of the NSW Government’s programme “Building our Future” The works are part of the government’s plan to transform a waste facility into a new interchange at St Peters, providing Sydney motorists with connections to Alexandria and Mascot.  

Due to the waste facility previously located on the site, excavated material was classified as ACM Asbestos and soil was tested and verified being disposed of at facilities authorised by the NSW EPA to accept Construction and Demolition Waste.

To minimise our impact on the environment, air pollution monitors were installed to detect any asbestos contamination.  
JDG Civil was also required to supply and install Ausgrid Approved Thermal Stabilised Backfill (TSB), reinstate a concrete industrial driveway <250mm thick and reinstate soil and turf.

The project was successfully completed with all of our team collaborating with key stakeholders to deliver the project as per the Ausgrid specifications whilst doing everything practicable to protect the environment by removing any excavated contaminated waste.  

The works included but were not limited to the supply and installation of:
  • 3.5km of Ausgrid certified 630mm x 3 core 33kV cable.
  • Three Ausgrid approved jointing bay pits (3mtr x 11mtr x 2.5mtr).
  • Trenching and Installation of 1,000m of duct line with 63mm x 200mm conduits as per Ausgrid Network Standards.
  •  Trenching and Installation of 50m of 200mm and 63mm conduits (Hand Dug)  as per Ausgrid Network Standards inside Alexandria STS compound.

109 Beaconsfield St, Silverwater, NSW, 2128

PO Box 755 Concord NSW 2137