Bangor Consac, Planned Electricity Supply Upgrade

Jan 2019 - Jun 2019


Bangor, Sydney NSW

Contract value

$4.5 million

Project details

Ausgrid CONSAC Replacement Project Planned electricity supply upgrade work in Bangor.

JDG Civil were engaged to replace existing Ausgrid underground low voltage electricity cable in Bangor.
The existing cables were reaching the end of their serviceable life and required replacement as part of Ausgrid’s capital work program to allow Ausgrid to maintain a safe a reliable electricity network.

At the completion of the work all footpaths and driveways were restored.

This job was predominately excavated in rock and all trenching was finished at the end of May 2019.

The works include:

  • 8.8 km of trenching and under-boring in rock.
  • 8.8 km installation of new conduits banks.
  • 12 km of Low Voltage cables installed.
  • Installation of new Service Pillars and removing the old Menai Pillars.
  • Transfer of all services to new electricity distribution system

109 Beaconsfield St, Silverwater, NSW, 2128

PO Box 755 Concord NSW 2137