Macquarie Park Twin Feeder 33kV

Jul 2019 - Dec 2019


Macquarie Park, NSW

Contract value

$6.9 million

Project details

Twin Feeders 33kV at Macquarie Park. Over 1500m of excavation in rock with installation of 4, 630mm x 3 Core 33kV Cables.

This job is predominately being excavated in rock and all works/trenching expected to be finished December 2019.

The works include:

  • Over 1500m of excavation in rock on both RMS and Council roads
  • Installation of 200mm & 63mm ducts and spacers in thermally stabilised bedding material
  • Excavation and Installation of precast concrete joint bays
  • Installation of 630mm x 3 Core, 33kV Transmission Cable weighing over 32 tonnes, using specialised plant and equipment
  • New equipment investment specific to the requirements of the 32 tonnes, cable – 3 Rows of 4 Hydraulic Suspension Semi Cable Trailer
  • Traffic Management
  • GIS Recording

109 Beaconsfield St, Silverwater, NSW, 2128

PO Box 755 Concord NSW 2137