• Macquarie Park JDG Project
  • Macquarie Park JDG Project
  • Macquarie Park JDG Project
  • Macquarie Park JDG Project
Macquarie Park, NSW
Project Overview
Twin Feeders 33kV at Macquarie Park. Over 1500m of excavation in rock with installation of 4, 630mm x 3 Core 33kV Cables

Full Details

This job is predominately being excavated in rock and all works/trenching expected to be finished December 2019.

The works include
Over 1500m of excavation in rock on both RMS and Council roads
Installation of 200mm & 63mm ducts and spacers in thermally stabilised bedding material
Excavation and Installation of precast concrete joint bays
Installation of 630mm x 3 Core, 33kV Transmission Cable weighing over 32 tonnes, using specialised plant and equipment
New equipment investment specific to the requirements of the 32 tonnes, cable – 3 Rows of 4 Hydraulic Suspension Semi Cable Trailer
Traffic Management
GIS Recording

We pride ourselves on the ability to self-perform entire projects. 

The tasks we self-perform include but not limited to:
  1. Complete Project and Site Management
  2. Excavation and construction of cable duct lines
  3. Non-destructive excavation
  4. Power Cable installation ranging from 240V to 330kV (Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage)
  5. Bulk Excavation
  6. Trenching
  7. Directional Drilling / Underboring
  8. Concrete construction
  9. Saw cutting
  10. Spoil removal and disposal
  11. Traffic management services
  12. As Built’s
  13. Use of GPS Equipment

109 Beaconsfield St
Silverwater NSW 2128

PO Box 755
Concord NSW 2137